Brock Lesnar Re-Signs With WWE

Brock Lesnar Re-Signs With WWE


During an interview with Michelle Beadle on ESPN Sportscenter, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar revealed that he signed a new deal last night at RAW in Los Angeles. He claimed he took over a year to come to a decision about his future and wanted to make the announcement himself.

While he was initally training for a return to Mixed Martial Arts, Lesnar felt something was mentally missing and he wanted to have fun. Lesnar elaborated on this by saying he was born to be an entertainer and pondered what more he would gain by returning to the UFC. Although his legacy in the Octagon is over, his pro wrestling careers is far from it.

Since he was unable to refuse the offer extended to him by Vince McMahon at RAW, Lesnar said he wanted to let to fans know before WrestleMania and that he plans on leaving the event with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

When asked about his recent appearance at UFC, Lesnar said he just wanted to feel the UFC atmosphere for one last time as it was not a negotiating tactic. He added that UFC President Dana White agrees with his decision.

Triple H confirmed the announcement and also revealed the agreement was a multi-year contract.