Hijo Del Perro Aguayo Dies Following In-Ring Accident

AAA wrestler Pedro Aguayo Ramírez, who wrestled as Hijo Del Perro Aguayo died in the early morning of March 21st, 2015, after a terrible accident that occurred during a tag match for the CRASH promotion in Tijuana, Mexico. The match also featured Rey Mysterio, Tigre Uno, and Manik.

via luchalibreaaa.com

via luchalibreaaa.com

During the match, Mysterio dropkicked Ramírez from behind to set him up for his finishing maneuver, the 619. However, the force of the dropkick set Ramírez throat first into the middle rope. Manik then fell onto the same rope to set up what seemed to be a double 619 but in doing so whiplashed the rope Ramírez was resting on. At this point, Ramírez was completely limp and showing no signs of movement. Mysterio attempted the 619 but was unable to connect with the maneuver. Manik even appeared to check on Ramírez but he was despondent and ended up just slumping over onto the bottom rope. While the remaining competitors completed their match, Konnan attempted to revive Ramírez to no avail. Following the contest, Ramírez was brought to the local Del Prado hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1am.

Doctors at the hospital tried to resuscitate Ramírez for over an hour before declaring him dead. According to MedioTempo.com, the cause of death was a stroke caused as a result of cervical spinal damage. The medical report also stated that he suffered from whiplash.

Although many reports have pointed fingers at individuals and made the choice to place blame on certain people, I think it’s more important to look at the big picture here. The death of Pedro Aguayo Ramírez (aka Hijo Del Perro Aguayo and Perro Aguayo Jr) was a tragic accident. It is a heartbreaking loss for lucha libre fans everywhere. With that being said, accidents like this are unfortunately one of the big risks performers take every time they decide to enter the squared circle.

Update (3/26/2015): According to ABC News, Ramírez had three fractured vertebrae and was dead by the time he reached the hospital.