Rey Mysterio Gone From WWE Is Best For Business

Earlier today former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio’s profile was moved to the Alumni section of The masked superstar’s contract had originally expired in May 2014 but the WWE extended it without notifying him. For any readers that are unaware, the WWE has a clause in their contracts that allows them to freeze (or in some cases extend) a performers contract during injuries for owed time or dates. The fact that Rey Mysterio had been plagued with injuries towards the end of his run with the company allowed them to do this as they understandably felt they were owed time or dates from the previous contract. With that being said, his contract has finally expired and both sides have decided to part ways.

Rey Mysterio Gone From WWE Is Best For Business


Rey Mysterio hasn’t wrestled a single match on WWE programming since the night after WrestleMania XXX when he squared off against Bad News Barrett. This is a huge loss for WWE as Mysterio is the greatest masked performer of this generation (if not all time). He is easily the most recognizable masked wrestler on a worldwide scale and his influence can still be seen in the styles of many of the top performers in promotions across the globe.

Last August in a video shown in AAA during Triplemania, Rey Mysterio appeared promising he would see them all soon. The video concluded with the message #FreeRey being displayed on the screen. This led to rumors of him joining AAA’s extension brand Lucha Underground which were further heightened by Alberto El Patron (formerly known as Alberto Del Rio in WWE) claiming he wouldn’t have joined the company if it weren’t for another individual who was set to join soon as well.

Although Rey Mysterio is no longer with the WWE, this is not necessarily all bad news. WWE can focus on developing more talent that actually want to be there, while Mysterio can finally move on and take his talents elsewhere. Moreover, Mysterio appearing somewhere else serves as an incentive for fans to watch different promotions and sample a new product they may not have seen before, and competition is always best for business.